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Sandy Storm Martinez - Life Coach | Astrologist

Sandy Storm, is thrilled to bring insight to how you can work with, vibe with and radiate your natural born energies!! After working in the health and wellness industry for 20 years, training, mentoring, and coaching others in their lifestyles and careers, plus writing employee handbooks and advanced curriculums for national and international corporations, she is now the founder of Storm Astrology and Coaching where she guides clients looking for healthy connections to themselves and others. Storms' clients are focused on busting through obstacles and making changes or shifts in life to achieve goals. Her tools include life coaching strategies, astrology, guided meditations, and body scans to clear energy blockages. Storm provides each client motivation and the tools to succeed in finding alignment, balance and abundance in all areas of their lives. Today, Storm stays focused on her primary purpose to help as many people as possible through her coaching program designed to create abundance in all forms. This program created for one month and three month spans is for her committed clients ready to learn how to best attract and interact with others to co-create abundance in joy, happiness, love, health, and income!! When Storm is not working on her purpose, she enjoys time with her son, skin care and wellness foundation rituals, reading, riding, yoga, knitting, and time in nature with her favorite spots being ocean side. Storm is one with the elements and is ready to help you navigate to clearer waters! 


  • Plan Your Month By The Light Of The Moon - BEGINS AUG. 29TH!!!! SIGN UP NOW!
  • Living a Divine Feminine Life
  • Be The Energy of Love

What To Expect

Notices & Disclaimer

  •  ALL readings and coaching sessions are private & confidential. 
  •  Pre-recorded readings are delivered within 24 hours of scheduled booking via a Private YouTube link.
  • Coaching Sessions and Events are held via phone or Zoom. 
  • There are no refunds or exchanges. 
  • All sessions and readings are paid during booking. 

DISCLAIMER: You have free will and in no way is the interpreted information shared during a reading or coaching session to be taken as medical or legal advice nor to be used as anything more than guidance. 

During Coaching Sessions


  • Through guidance gain a crystal clear vision of your goals.
  • Experience alignment with self so you come to understand how you can live with purpose, have what you want, and begin to focus on your life path. 
  • Engage openly in partnership with Storm to create a life plan that keeps you on track to attain a work-life-love balance leading to abundance in all forms. 
  • Co-create with Storm the framework to focus on aligning with your life purpose.
  • Set steps and take action towards achieving goals. 

During Astrology Sessions


  • Book your astrology readings and your pre-recorded video will be delivered via email. 
  • Watch your private video at your convenience. Pause or stop when needed. Absorb at your own pace.
  • Take notes and write down timestamp if there are questions about something I've shared in your video. 
  • Storm uses astrology software to calculate and forecast life events and cycles so she will need your birth date, place, and exact time of birth if known (often on birth certificate). 
  • Use the insight and guidance shared to plan for your chosen path. 


About Life Coaching Services

Helping you identify & uphold values.


 Let's set boundaries and then raise the standards!

  • Explore Life's Purpose and Vision
  • Framework for daily, monthly and/or yearly goals

Provide empowering support.


 Improve Work-Life-Love Balance

  •  Own responsibilities and accountability
  • Integrate Balance with Life Path

Help you form a clearer vision.


Enjoy an edge in your relationships, and life successes.

  • Have action plans that create progress towards goals
  • Experience ABUNDANCE in all forms

About Astrology Services

New Moon & 3 Months Moon Readings


Learn to plant your intentions and new beginnings with the cycle of the moon promising universal support for manifesting your dreams under the full moon! 

Birth Chart Reading plus 30 day Forecast OR 1 Year Forecast


What are you vibing out to others and where can you radiate your natural born energies to achieve the maximum results? Find out those insights and a forecast of what is to come to help you prepare to act! 

Love, Career, & Compatibility Readings


Looking for love or want to enhance it? Ready to follow your career path with an edge or maybe even need help finding your purpose first? And how would you like to know whether or not you are compatible with partners, coworkers, family, and others? Attract your tribe with the energies that are natural to you and supporting by the planets and stars!  

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